Blood analysis on location.​

Reliable lab results anytime, anywhere, within 7 minutes..


Simultaneous testing of 6 parameters within 7 minutes, including NEFA and BHBA.

Introducing BoviLab – designed for simultaneous testing of 6 parameters, including NEFA and BHBA, in just 7 minutes. BoviLab provides highly accurate analysis on whole blood, heparin blood, or serum blood, with simple operation and automatic calibration, eliminating the need for centrifugation. BoviLab ensures low maintenance, durability, and portability, making it a reliable and efficient solution for comprehensive testing.

Accurate analysis on whole blood, herapine blood or serum blood
Simple operation, automatic calibration, no centrifugation
Low maintenance, durable and portable

BoviLab: Rapid, Precise Multi-Parameter Analysis

Unlock rapid and precise multi-parameter analysis with BoviLab. Streamline your testing process as it simultaneously evaluates 6 key parameters. With minimal maintenance and impressive durability, BoviLab is your portable problem-solving solution, providing efficient and reliable testing for your needs.

BoviLab on the farm blood analysis device

Livestock Health

Optimized Solutions for Cattle Management.

Collaborative Precision

Empowering Livestock Communities with BoviLab.

Visualize Data

Data-Driven Insights from FarmLabo’s Advanced Analytics.

Seamless Sampling

BoviLab’s Minimally Invasive Blood Analysis.

Perfectly Portable

BoviLab’s Testing Anytime, Anywhere.

Transition Management

Maximize insight during transition period.

Ultimate Insights

Vet’s Innovative Approach Enhances Cattle Health with BoviLab Insights.​

Veterinarian advisor Mark van Kleef, a seasoned bovine expert, employs BoviLab’s blood analysis technology to monitor close-up and fresh cows. For him it is an ideal instrument to monitor the energy supply of the transition cow, because of the unique combination of testing NEFA and BHBA. Also subclinical milk fever often underlies cattle issues. BoviLab’s rapid analysis unveils calcium deficiencies, addressing hidden challenges for optimal performance. Van Kleef’s pioneering use of BoviLab uncovers valuable insights, emphasizing transition management and improved dry matter intake. The Japanese-imported BoviLab device, exclusively used by Van Kleef in the Netherlands, simplifies blood analysis for swift diagnostics, enhancing livestock well-being and preventing complications.



7 min

Duration of testcyclus

2 kg

Easy to use anywhere

up to 6

Parameters simultaneously