A7 Noord Dierenartsen with BoviLab bloodanalysis device

A7 Noord dierenartsen implements BoviLab

A7 Noord dierenartsen has been using a BoviLab since November 1st. Bovine veterinarian Iris Kolkman (on the left in the photo) and lab technician Hennie Cruining – van Maaren (on the right in the photo) are receiving the blood analysis device.

A7 North Veterinarians already had blood equipment for pets in use. The practice wanted a BoviLab specifically for dairy cows. A7 Noord dierenartsen actively reached out to feed advisors in the area. The company sees added value in elevating advisory and farm management to a higher level.

Are you also interested in the BoviLab or do you want more information on how to use it? Feel free to get in touch or leave a message under this post.

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