BoviLab measures the functioning of the liver

BoviLab operates not only with the transition slide but also with the liver function slide. The transition slide is used to monitor the transition period. As a follow-up, you can use the liver function slide to measure the functioning of the liver.

BoviLab’s transition slide measures for calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA’s) and urea. The liver function slide measures the blood for liver enzymes, albumin, protein, glucose and total cholesterol. Many liver enzymes are a biomarker for liver damage.

When you use BoviLab, you measure blood from fresh and dry cows. For fresh cows, it’s important that they have calved no more than ten days ago. Beyond this period, most blood levels are back to normal and it is hard to detect abnormalities. Except for BHB. This can still have high blood levels in the first few weeks after calving.

An approachable way to detect BHB levels in cows is to use a ketone strip test that measures excess BHB. This allows you to determine whether or not cows are suffering from ketosis. It’s beneficial to follow up cows that you’ve analysed as fresh cows with BoviLab with a ketone strip test.

With BoviLab’s liver function slide, you measure the functioning of the liver. A dysfunctioning liver, such as with fatty liver can result into ketosis.

When cows are in negative energy balance (NEB), fatty acids are released from adipose tissue. These non-esterified fatty acids are also called NEFA’s. A healthy liver converts the NEFA’s as energy source. If too many NEFA’s are released before calving and the liver cannot fully reuse them, or when cows have fatty liver disease, it results in elevated BHB blood levels after calving. BoviLab allows you to identify the cause of the dysfunction of the liver as well as giving an advise. You can also show whether certain amino acids that are sometimes added into the ration are having their desired effect. An example is choline. Dairy farmers can add this to the ration to support liver function. This can be confirmed using BoviLab’s liver function slide.