FarmLabo celebrates business partner’s anniversary in Denmark

During the first weekend of June, FarmLabo travelled to Denmark to celebrate the anniversary of a business partner. On Saturday June 1st, veterinary practice Kronborg (Kvægdyrlægerne Kronborg) celebrated it’s 25th anniversary together with clients and relatives. The practice employs seven bovine veterinarians who supervise mainly large dairy farms in northern Jutland.

Since the beginning of this year, FarmLabo has cooperated with the Danish practice to distribute blood analysis device BoviLab in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. The practice itself already has several (three) BoviLabs in use. These are always taken with farm visits so that blood can be tested on the farm.

FarmLabo attended the anniversary as a sponsor and was pleased that there was a lot of interest from the customers and fellow veterinarians present.