First BoviLab users in Switzerland

The first BoviLab users in Switzerland are now on board. The veterinary practices Bovi Swiss and Reprovet have both been using a BoviLab since February.

New users have also joined in the Netherlands and Belgium. These are Vallei & Wetering dierenartsen from Renswoude, Dierenartsencentrum de Stellingwerven from Oosterwolde and Animalvith from Belgium.

Dierenartsenpraktijk VUG (Voorthuizen, Uddel en Garderen) has been using a BoviLab since mid-January. During a workshop for four bovine veterinarians, Mark van Kleef, distributor of BoviLab, provided explanations about the portable blood analysis device. This allows veterinarians to be well-prepared to monitor and improve the transition period for their clients.

We wish all practices much enjoyment and success with BoviLab!