From just a blood analysis device to the BoviLab concept

At FarmLabo, we’ve been actively engaged in the sales and technical support of BoviLab for almost a year. BoviLab has now evolved into a complete concept: the BoviLab concept.

What is different?

With the BoviLab concept, FarmLabo takes an important step in supporting dairy farmers and feed advisors. BoviLab offers much more than just a blood analysis device. It includes a comprehensive platform that serves as a resource of additional information and support. This platform helps veterinarians, dairy farmers, and feed advisors in several ways:

1.         Information resource: FarmLabo provides a source of information, such as manuals on how to start a blood analysis and how to read and interpret results.

2.         Support: We not only guide you in reading and interpreting the results, but also support you in implementing these results in dairy farm operations. We provide the tools to apply this data practically by addressing the following questions:

  • How do you discuss the results with the dairy farmer?
  • How do you make this part of the consulting advisory services of your business?
  • How do you market BoviLab to dairy farms where cows suffer from transition period diseases?

We present the results in a visually attractive way, such as in graphs.

A complete BoviLab concept

With the BoviLab concept, we offer a total solution that helps veterinarians, feed advisors, and dairy farmers make better decisions during the transition period and optimise their farm management. The blood analyse device itself is a tool to improve the transition period.