Bert van Niejenhuis Dierenartsengroep Rivierenland Mark van Kleef BoviLab

Dierenartsengroep Rivierenland utilizes BoviLab

Bert van Niejenhuis (on the left in the photo) of Dierenartsengroep Rivierenland is an user of BoviLab in the Netherlands. On Wednesday, October 25, Mark van Kleef handed over a BoviLab to Van Niejenhuis at Dierenartsengroep Rivierenland.

Van Niejenhuis is one of the initiators of VETWERK. This is an app linked to the management program of dairy farmers. VETWERK monitors the business processes on dairy farms. Van Niejenhuis intends to use BoviLab to enhance business support for clients.

Bovine veterinarian Mark van Kleef has been a long-time user of BoviLab. He is introducing the monitoring device in Europe. Are you also interested in BoviLab or would you like more information about how to use it? Then please get in touch or leave a message under this post.

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