Kvægdyrlægerne Kronborg

Mirjam Steffensen in Denmark utilizes BoviLab

Mirjam Steffensen from the veterinary practice Kronborg (Kvægdyrlægerne Kronborg) has been using a BoviLab since mid-November.

In Denmark, vets mainly use the ‘Danish system’ to guide dairy farms. This system particularly focuses on fresh cows. All fresh cows are examined after calving and scored on many points. This often includes a ketone measurement, conducted through urine tests or using a ketone meter in the blood, to identify any excess ketone bodies (BHB). This facilitates the early detection of cows experiencing ketosis, enabling timely initiation of treatment.

Steffensen intends to utilise BoviLab to test blood from cows in the close-up period. Additionally, she aims to sample fresh cows due to her interest in NEFA determination (non-esterified fatty acids). By using BoviLab, she hopes to gain better control over the transition period. By testing for multiple parameters in the close-up period, she can proactively identify and address potential deviations during the dry period. Consequently, she anticipates encountering fewer cases of ketosis in fresh cows.