BoviLab Mark van Kleef bloodanalysis

The convincing ability of BoviLab

Cow health does not improve just by doing blood tests. Factors such as housing, rations, management and other risks on the farm play a role in a smooth transition period.

FarmLabo’s vision is to improve the dairy farmer’s transition management. BoviLab’s strength is to let the dairy farmer see what goes wrong during the transition period, making the invisible (subclinical diseases) visible. This provides a starting point for veterinarians to discuss transition management with farmers based on blood results from their own cows. Additionally, vets can collaborate with feed advisors to improve the ration together. For example, the veterinarian can recommend looking at the energy level in the dry cows diet and adjusting it if necessary.

Long-term blood testing of cows gives a more accurate picture of the transition period. With this, you basically set up a monitoring program. This can be done easily and quickly with BoviLab. BoviLab is portable and user-friendly as you don’t need any laboratory experience to analyse blood. Within 7 minutes, it analyses blood for 6 different parameters, including beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) simultaneously.