On-Farm Blood Testing System

Empowering Livestock Farmers with Innovative Technology

Never miss another suspicion

Livestock farmers understand the immense stress of managing their cattle year-round. They meticulously prepare feed, research feeding strategies, and provide supplements. However, despite their efforts, livestock can still fall victim to diseases during their productive life. Access to animal laboratories may be limited, making blood tests challenging. But with BoviLab, you don’t have to give up.

Early Disease Detection

Identify health issues in cattle before they escalate

Rapid Results

Get comprehensive blood analysis in just 7 minutes.

On-Farm Convenience

Perform tests without the need for a laboratory.

Comprehensive Analysis

Measure six key inspection items simultaneously.


Designed for easy operation by anyone.

Protective Case

Includes a protective hard case for on-farm use.​

Early detection with BoviLab on location at diaryfarm.

Earlier detection, earlier treatment

BoviLab’s On-Farm Blood Testing System requires just a tiny amount of blood and delivers results in as little as 7 minutes. It can simultaneously measure six inspection items, providing confidence in diagnostics. Anyone, anywhere, can perform easy analyses, enabling early detection and action.

High-precision, blood analysis, including 15 analytes like NEFA​
Simultaneous analysis of 6 analytes per slide measurement in 7 minutes
Suitable for on-farm blood testing

Discover BoviLab’s Powerful Features

Unleash the full potential of your dairy cattle management with BoviLab’s feature-rich solutions. Explore a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline your on-farm blood testing process, providing quick and accurate insights for better decision-making. From real-time data analysis to customizable reports, BoviLab is your trusted partner in optimizing cow transition management. Learn more about how our features can transform your dairy operation below.

Upto 15 parameters of blood analysis with BoviLab device
BoviLab on the farm blood analysis device

Enhance Milk Production with BoviLab

At Farmlabo, we understand that milk production is at the heart of your dairy operation. That’s why BoviLab offers a range of specialized features to help you maximize milk yield and quality. From tracking key health indicators to optimizing nutrition plans, our solutions are tailored to boost your dairy herd’s productivity. Explore how BoviLab can be your partner in achieving higher milk production and profitability.

Nutrition Optimization
Performance Analytics
Health Monitoring