Upto 15 parameters of blood analysis with BoviLab device

Real-time blood analysing with BoviLab

With BoviLab, veterinarians as well as livestock farmers and feed consultants, are able to measure blood values of dairy cows within 7 minutes. This revolutionary tool, brought to Europe by FarmLabo, aims to improve the transition phase on dairy farms.

BoviLab measures blood samples for calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB), fatty acids (NEFA’s) and urea. These essential values quickly show whether cows have energy or calcium deficiencies, for example. Within 7 minutes, BoviLab measures blood values.

The device is portable and weighs two kilo’s. Blood values can be read on site at the dairy farm or at a later moment at the veterinarian’s office. By regularly testing blood, veterinarians ,livestock farmers and feed consultants can monitor the transition phase and, for example, decide to what extent and how the ration can be adjusted. In this way, BoviLab offers the opportunity to reduce the health damage of dairy cattle during the transition phase. The user-friendly device in combination with the right actions taken by the farmer following the blood analyses can lead to more efficient operations, extension of the lifespan, healthier cows and better management.

About FarmLabo

BobiLab originated in Japan and is brought to Europe by bovine veterinarian Mark van Kleef. As an independent veterinarian, Van Kleef works on behalf of Klevet Koeienpraktijk. He advises, supervises and coaches dairy farmers. In August 2022, he tested the blood analysis device. Because the results provide a lot of information about the transition phase of cows, he decided to delve further into BoviLab. Believing that BoviLab is a valuable tool for any veterinarian, he has taken on the distribution of BoviLab with the company FarmLabo.

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